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Here you will ONLY find the ORIGINAL piece created by Henry Vasquez, CEO and Founder of Hank & Henry Beauty. Meaning there is only one of each.

  • Proceeds from each peice goes to our #TheWorldIsBetterWithYouInIt Initiative. Click here for information on our Giving Back program.
  • Each Original comes with a complimentary #theworldisbetterwithyouinit bracelet.
  • Each piece is created on an artists canvas.
  • Each piece is sealed with a gloss varnish or resin.
"Painting was a passion of mine that I stopped for over 15 years because of a tragedy in my youth. I have found that passion again and It has brought me a profound joy that I can not express in words. I am beyond excited to share this new chapter of my life with you as well as donating a portion of our proceeds to our #TheWorldIsBetterWithYouInIt initiative. Thank you for all the support and encouragement of my art. I am forever yours." ~ Henry
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