"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Hank.... and Henry."

So this is my very first blog, and let me tell you I am no English major so there might be several run on sentences and a lot of errors. I will try my best to not sound like a complete fool. I am firm believer in the power of speech, and the benefits of being an open individual. So I am going to use this blog to help you get a better understanding of me, and what this brand is here to accomplish. That is to be yourself (personality), create magic (artistry), and pay it forward (philanthropy). 

Lets begin with who the hell is Hank & Henry??? like who duh fuck is this fool, am I right?? lol. The easiest way I can explain it, is that Hank is the Ziggy Startdust to my David Bowey. Hank is the Art, and Henry is the heart. For many reasons, that we will save for another blog, I grew up alone, with not many friends, so best believe my ass had an imaginary friend growing up. I had to be around 6/7 years old, I think, when my uncle was like "Hey!!! who you playing with?" and I was like "My imaginary friend!!". My uncle was like "Whats his name?" and I followed with "He don't got one tio because he don't deserve one!".... yes I said that.... what a lil fucking ass I was. My uncles started naming my imaginary friend Hank because thats the nick name for Henry, and it stuck. 

As I grew older and grew out of the imaginary friend phase I started to name physical objects Hank, whether it was a stuffed animal or my favorite mug. I started wearing makeup, around people, when I was about 19 years old and everyone would say the same thing, "Damn Henry, fool when you got makeup your all different and sassy. its nice!!!! It's like you grow balls when you apply that lip gloss!!". Since most of my friends new about Hank they started calling me Hank when I had makeup on, because they felt like I was a totally different person. 

There are many different layers to Hank & Henry just as there are many different layers to my brand. Hank help me find the confidence that I lost for a while. Thats why I named my first collection My Alter Ego and why I named the brand Hank & Henry, because sometimes, the help you need is yourself. 

Much love, I hope you liked this first blog as I enjoyed writing it. I will also have guest writers and our topics shall vary with each blog. So with that being said, be kind to one another, give a stranger a compliment, and until I talk to you next time... BYE BYE