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    "Hey luvs, please allow 10-15 business days to receive any Apparel and/or Bag products in your order before emailing us for a shipping update. Each item is Custom Made on Demand, meaning the manufacture does not make it until you order it, so the process takes longer. Also, the manufacturer will send your item directly to you when it's completed, and any makeup you may have ordered will be shipped from our warehouse as normal.  

    I know waiting a bit longer to receive your Apparel & Bags is not ideal so please know that I really appreciate your patience. Running our apparel this way gives us the freedom to create collections without having the fear/problems of taking on huge amounts of Apparel/ Bag inventory. This keeps us Eco Friendly & Waste Responsible while still being able to give you a wide variety of options and designs.. so thank you and much love. I am forever yours!"


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