Introducing the Hank & Henry Beauty #TheWorldIsBetterWithYouInIt initiative.

    Proceeds from every Original or Print of a painting sold will be donated to a non profit organization that focuses on depression, mental health, and/or suicide prevention. Each Non-Profit will be chosen twice a year.

    Suicide claims more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined.  Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Hank & Henry owner Henry Vasquez has met people from all around the world and one thing he learned is that depression comes in all shapes and sizes.  It does not care what color your skin is, your political affiliation, how you look, or how much money you make.  At one of his first workshops one of his followers gave him a hug and said "the world is better with you in it, Henry" and it moved him so much that he began saying it across all his social media platforms. It became something that him and his followers began to say often. Seeing how it had a positive effect on people Henry decided to make 2019 the year he launched his #TheWorldIsBetterWithYouInIt initiative in order to keep the topic of mental health on the table.  

     "In all of my travels, 1 on 1's, workshops, etc. I've come to notice that there is so much more that we can relate to than what separates us and depression/mental health issues are something that A LOT of people bring up to me. Together, I hope to push that message because 'THE WORLD IS BETTER WITH YOU IN IT!'" ~Henry


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