Our Story


There are two sides to every coin, and here at Hank & Henry Beauty we want you to express all sides of who you are with our top of the line cosmetics that are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. Furthermore, while providing high quality cosmetics we also have chose to focus on and encourage three main initiatives; PERSONALITY(be yourself)ARTISTRY(create magic), and PHILANTHROPY(pay it forward). Our goal is to make a measurable difference in the world and those around us. We plan to do this by creating beauty AND meaning.


Being in the beauty industry for 13+ years, Founder Henry Vasquez spent the 5 years prior to the launch of Hank & Henry Beauty working for other cosmetic brands focusing on Product/Packaging Development, Consulting, and Branding. When it came time to design the logo for his own company he wanted the logo to represent the person who instilled some of the most important values and lessons in him. Known to symbolize wisdom, Henry chose to make the Barn Owl the logo of Hank & Henry Beauty to honor his grandmother Frances Vasquez for being the wisdom in his life. The Barn Owl has always symbolized his grandmother, and owls are something she is well known to have an admiration for. This is also the reason Henry has the Barn Owl tattoo'd on his neck.


                  “It is important that you always remember the importance of doing good for those less fortunate. Life, not always kind, is preparing you to make a difference for others. So get up, go out, and change the world... even if it’s with a makeup brush and a smile”.

~Frances Vasquez



Hank & Henry Gives Back

Hank & Henry Beauty is committed to giving a % of proceeds to grassroots non-profit organizations that help animals, people, or the environment.